18 February 2007

Chickpea and Bulghar Patties

Bulghar and Chickpea Patties
List of ingredients (no order)
bulgar (cooked first, then cooled)
chickpeas (same process, but then I put these and veggies in the food processor)
fresh Italian parsley
garlic (a shitload)
olive oil (to fry, just a tad)
red onion
ground black pepper
sea salt
ground corriander
cumin, ground
fresh grated turmeric (my fingers and cutting board is yellow. good thing the counter already is)red chili flakes
baking powder (a pinch)
fresh lemon juice
I wanted to put tahini in these as a binder, but I was all out. I wanted to reserve it for the sauce. With that said, use a lot of tahini.

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